RESULTS2X  NET: IllustratesYour Potential Benefit
Double Your Net Operating Profits Per Corn Acre
Our objective is stated in our name:
- Results is what we intend to deliver
- 2x means double your current results
- Net is the profit that counts
Enabling You to Double Your Net Operating Profits per corn acre

If we can enable you to achieve that stated objective, we figure that we have delivered a service that is of value to you.
Accordingly, our 'Performance Based Fee' is not earned until delivery of that stated objective to You on Your Farming Operation!
You owe us nothing if we fail to deliver!

To help you determine if our service is for you we offer a basis & basics (refundable* fee) seminar for
1. You,
2. A family member that participates in crop decision making, &
3. The most competent Agronomist you know.

If you know you can produce more and commit to do all you can,to do so,
we want to work for you!

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* Refundable if Our Recs, followed (to the best of your ability), fail to produce EXTRA net operating Profits per corn acre in Phase I
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